Thursday, March 17, 2011

2011 Session Voting Record

The voting record I received today.

The totals are as follows

District Number:
Cox of District 32 (R)

Total Votes: 691
Total Eligible Votes: 691
Member Votes: 687
Member Votes Percentage: 99.4%

With Majority: 620
With Majority Percentage: 90.4%

Against Majority: 66
Against Majority Percentage: 9.6%

With Party: 627
With Party Percentage: 91.5%

Against Party: 58
Against Party Percentage: 8.5%

Since many bills sponsored by Democrats were voted for by all the Republicans and Vice versa, the numbers above show that I wasn't as hard to guess as some thought. Many Republicans and Democrats are around 5% against the majority of their party. My 8.5% is higher, but not as high as a couple of Representatives, who were over 15%. Many of the bills were voted down in committee or didn't make it to the floor of the House to vote on them.

I knew I missed a few of votes the last two days while I was over at the Senate trying to get one of my bills though there, and it looks like I only missed 4 votes out of 691. Voting 99.4% of the time.

A link to all of my votes is here: