Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Grama Commitee meeting today

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I am not going to apologize for voting for HB 477 three times. I believe the existing law needs to be modified. It was the best option presented. Agree or not, I stand by my vote on HB 477.
The only reason I would vote to repeal HB 477 is if I feel we will get a better replacement. Based on today, I have hope that we will, whether or not HB477 is repealed at this time. We will see what happens on Friday. Based on the committee today, the likelihood just got better.
I went to the #grama committee meeting today to see if I believe they will be successful in modifying Grama to work even better. I was impressed with the committee. Many from the media are on it.
David Kirkham (TEA party representative on the committee) has asked for a commitment from several on the #grama committee that they will make sure it will not be cost prohibited for the individual citizen/voter to be able to access public records. That is one the major goals of several I spoke to.