Monday, March 21, 2011

Governor Hebert wants a new bill

Governor Hebert wants a new bill to replace HB 477 with the following:

"First, they must protect the public's right to know, as transparent and accountable government is essential. Second, they must protect every individual's legitimate right to privacy. Third, they must protect taxpayers against the cost of overreaching "fishing expeditions." "

I hope both the public and the press have better solutions to do just that. I look forward to more people with more ideas. They do have a great list of people to work on it.

While I didn't sponsor HB 477 (Grama Amendments), I agreed to cosponsor it with over 50 others, voted for it with 10 other Republicans and Democrats in Committee and voted for it twice on the floor of the house. Unlike 3rd Sub. HB 116, we had time to read HB 477 before it was debated and voted on. No one ever pressured me to vote for HB 477. I am not going to apologize for voting for it. Agree or not, I stand by my vote on HB 477 because it was the best solution brought forward.

Next time without the one sided press. If the press actually helps craft a bill do you think they will bash it?

For a comparison of the current law and what it would be under HB 477 see: