Friday, March 25, 2011

Regarding the repeal of former HB 477

March 25,2011

Representative Christensen proposes the following intent language be spread upon the pages of the House Journal regarding the repeal of former HB 477

The intent of the Utah House of Representatives in voting to repeal former HB 477 is to allow a working group that has been formed to meet and study and hold public hearings over a fixed time period and then recommend to the Utah Legislature those changes in current statute that will result in the best public policy for our state. Those committee members consist of assigned Legislators, business, media and community leaders and other respected professionals and members of the public all of whom have significant backgrounds and experience in the matters encompassed within the current code known as "GRAMA". ( 63G-2-101 et. sec.)

Of great concern to the House is the current lack of sufficient express recognition and protection in statute for the reasonable privacy and confidentiality interests of individual citizens and constituents who communicate with and share their personal concerns and circumstances with their elected representatives.

The vote to repeal former HB 477 and the formation of the working group and the further dialogue and the ability to reconvene if needed in a later special session as may be called by the Governor with the benefit of such added deliberations are desired by the House to ensure that the interests of all citizens are fully considered and protected through the legislative process.

Motion Passed.