Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Led the fight to pass the 2019 Utah Tax Referendum

While Aimee Winder Newton and Jeff Burmingham and Jon Huntsman as Utah governor candidates were very helpful showing public support of the 2019 Utah Tax Referendum, Jeff Burmingham in his current campaign flyer claiming he led the fight to pass the referendum to stop the 2019 Utah tax reform package is total rubbish. Why does he think he is more important than Aimee who not only also showed up to the press conference, she personally helped as a referendum packet witness many times over. 

Who were the referendum leaders: there were 5 original Referendum sponsors, Fred C, Jeff W, Gina C, Darcy V, Judy R. along with regional coordinators Lloyd, Lisa and Matt, and county coordinators, local and store coordinators, and other key people, such as Marci working with businesses such as Harmons, along with hundreds if not thousands of volunteers that helped get 170,000 signatures in 29 counties.