Friday, April 17, 2020

Questions and Answers

Thanks for sharing information via email, blog, and Facebook Live.  I have a few questions to help me make a decision tomorrow:

1.  I feel that lack of civility and compromise in government is causing much gridlock and it appears to be getting worse.  Would you provide some examples of how you have worked with those of differing opinions to reach healthy compromise?  If elected, how to you plan to elevate civil dialogue and behavior?

2.  What is your relationship with current council members and city mayors?

3.  You, Dave Alvord, and Karen Lang are impressive candidates.  What are a few key strengths that make you a more suitable candidate?

Thanks for your passion and efforts to represent the West Side!

Civility. I believe the 2019 UT Tax Referendum was a good example. When the legislature failed to get 2/3 of both houses for 2019 SB 2001, I called my most liberal and conservative friend to see if they were interested in running a referendum. The volunteers were both liberal and conservative and everything in between. I had one rule, respect. That worked well in almost all cases during the referendum. In many cases friends were made and I am hopeful this will be more long term.

For serving in the House, the best person I can suggest [to ask] is Rep. Brian King, house minority leader at the Utah House of Representatives. You can ask him, he described me as "non partisan" in my voting. I voted on the bill, not the sponsor or party they were from. While that has angered a few in the current house leadership, I still have many friends there.

While in the Utah House, I often had democratic senate sponsors for bills I ran, such as Sen. Karen Mayne, then Sen. Ben McAdams, Sen. Davis, and Sen. Escamilla.

With the Olympia Hills vote in the SLco council, I proposed what I thought would be a compromise that would work. 3 of the 9 voted against what passed, and likely would have supported my proposal.
One that voted for the Olympia Hills project, Shireen Ghorbani, told me she appreciated my suggestion, she just thought it was too late. She was involved in the tax referendum and has shown interest in working together.

 A. Shireen Ghorbani     B. Richard Snelgrove     C. Jim Bradley     1. Arlyn Bradshaw     2. Michael Jensen     3. Aimee Winder Newton     4. Ann Granato     5. Steve DeBry     6. Max Burdick, Chair

In addition to Shireen, as mentioned above:
I have known Richard Snelgrove and worked with him for over ten years on different committees. We have a good relationship. He was one that encouraged me to run. (He is not endorsing in the race)
Aimee Winder Newton, I have worked with on other committees for many years as well. We have a good relationship. She was one that encouraged me to run.  (She is not endorsing in the race)
Steve was someone that voted against Olympia Hills and was responsive to my suggestions, as well as Aimee and Richard.
I spoke to the council several times recently. Max treated me with respect. 
The person running against him, Dea Theodore has also reached out to me
Michael Jensen is not running for reelection.

I have worked with Ron Bigelow for 30 plus years. He has not endorsed anyone is this race, [he doesn't typically endorse]. I was disappointed that one of the candidates implied he did.
I have known Dirk Burton also for many years. I met him at the Western Growth Coalition a decade ago. (not an endorsement)

For actual endorsements:

I have support of several current and past members of city and metro councils. I have attended the Western Growth Coalition for many many years. Attendees are typical chamber members, representatives of all the city and metro councils from the district and school district members. It was one of the reasons I changed my membership to the South West Valley Chamber. I have not typically seen the other candidates there.

I had attended the Copperton and Kearns metro township meetings and was planning on attending other council meetings when the virus shut that down. I am well known by many.

I have lived in West Valley City for over 30 years and the west side for over 35. I represented a large portion of West Valley City for 4 years in the legislature and have been involved. I am have lived in Salt Lake County, or kept residency here, my entire life, almost 60 years.


1. I have had and will continue to have regular town hall meetings. I listen. I am willing to get great ideas from others.
2. I have created and read many bills. Literally thousands of bills and state laws. I am known for seeing things others miss.
3. I have worked with county and city zoning and ordinances.
4. While I am willing to fight, I try to find win-win solutions where possible.
5. All of us are small business owners. All of us has had to work with public budgets. I have a reputation of protecting taxpayer funds.
6. The constitution:
A week ago, I posted this in a nonpartisan facebook group of tens of thousands. I had over 1000 comments. Some were not civil, however 95% of the up arrows, and hearts were in agreement.
I also sent it the Governor. This week changes are being made there.
As we see today, the State and Federal Government things are finally moving this direction. We need checks and balances on the executives, including our county mayor.

"Most people in this state feel that a mayor or governor shutting down private businesses generally or by category and requiring papers to travel is an abuse of power and is not constitutional. Period. We have shut down a restaurant for norovirus or other reasons before. This is not the same. There is no reason each and every business can't figure out a way to stay safe and stay open. I have been working from home generally. That doesn't work to go visit a building. Most people are doing their best to wash hands and keep distances. That is a good thing for now. The last thing we need is the government taking over everything. Be civil. Be caring. Be safe. Be free."

At decade ago, I said this was why I was running for office. It still is:

"I believe we must stand up and be heard or watch our constitutionally protected rights disappear. We can't continue to let government take over our lives".

Thanks for the questions.

Vote for Fred C Cox for Salt Lake County Council District 2. You matter.