Wednesday, June 24, 2020

I do not agree with government mandatory mask wearing

If a business decides that to be open and keep their staff and customers safe I need to wear a mask, I have one and can and have worn one. The county mayor and governor certainly can encourage.

I don't agree with government mandatory mask wearing.

Some people can not wear masks for medical reasons. Are they going to provide them a shield or require a note from a doctor?

I was meeting a group in a park. When it started raining and social distancing was not available I put on my mask. One of our group works at an assisted living center and she was wearing a mask and I did put on my mask to keep that facility safe. That was not required by some mandatory government rule.

In response to a doctor that doesn't believe someone has real issues wearing a mask and was telling them they were full of it:

If you think that some people can't wear them for medical reasons is bogus, I can introduce you to some people if you would like. Lung damage in Vietnam during the war there. Some that are asthmatic. Some have allergies. Some are on blood thinner and are sensitive to decreased oxygen. That question was asked the experts the county has 3 times on Tuesday, and they dogged the question. 2 of the times were from a member of the county council and the experts would not answer.

And yes, you are wearing a surgical mask. Many of the masks most people are wearing are hand made, are 2 layers of dense fabric. The reason you wear a mask is to reduce infection when you are in surgery. Thank You.

Many people have been traumatized by earthquakes and deaths in addition to this Coved-19 virus. If that means someone is going to feel better if I wear a mask or if I am going to feel better in some situations to wear a mask, that needs to be OK. I have one or two I can wear. That is not true with others. Back off. Some people still have PTSD from the earthquake.

The county order has the following

Any individual within Salt Lake County who is age two and over and able to medically or psychologically tolerate a face covering shall be required to wear a face covering that completely covers the nose and mouth in public areas where consistent social distancing of at least six feet is not possible, reasonable, or prudent. Additional guidance can be found...

Face coverings are required in Salt Lake County:
  • at public gatherings, indoor or out, where consistent social distancing is not possible.
  • while waiting outside or inside retail and other public locations,
    including bars and restaurants until seated.
Face coverings are not required:
  • Outdoors when social distancing is easily and consistently maintained.
  • On a person with a health condition exacerbated by a face covering.
  • On children under 2 years old.
  • When wearing a face covering would prevent the performance of the essential functions of person’s job or work.
  • In circumstances not reasonably conducive to wearing a face covering, such as while swimming or engaging in strenuous physical activity*.
*It is impossible to account for every potential exception, so we ask Salt Lake County residents and visitors to use common sense and practice common decency when interpreting and applying the requirement to their public activities.