Saturday, June 27, 2020

Mayor Jenny Wilson and Your Mandatory Face Mask

Neighbors and Friends,

I am hopeful that you are well and safe.

Just after midnight tonight (12:01 a.m. June 27, 2020) face coverings (masks) will be mandatory across Salt Lake County in retail and commercial establishments, restaurants while waiting to be seated and served, and at community gatherings by order of Salt Lake County Mayor Jenny Wilson. [update, now in effect]

Although Mayor Wilson has a letter of support signed by several County Council members, she did not bring her face covering mandate to the County Council for a vote; Mayor Wilson just told them in their Tuesday meeting what she was going to do.

This lack of transparency and accountability is concerning at best when one individual dictates a specific action and requirement for a million people in Salt Lake County. Our County Council members are elected to represent specific areas and districts. Denying the Council's opportunity to vote denies the voice of the people across Salt Lake County.

Even liberal Summit County officials understand this. They are taking their proposed mandate to its residents by calling a special meeting for a final vote.

Salt Lake County residents should not be denied a Council vote. Residents and Council members need to ask; Where are the COVID hotspots? We should know; Are the hotspots still in the homeless shelters, the jail, specific neighborhoods, or where? It is also important to know if there is a direct link of increased COVID cases to the massive protests downtown, attended by Mayor Wilson, Mayor Mendenhall, Mayor Andy Beerman, and others.

Controlling the action of a million people should at least require the vote of those Council members elected to represent us.

We need more members on the County Council who are willing to provide a balance of power the Mayor wishes to wield.

I need your support and your vote. The primary election ends on June 30, 2020.


Fred C. Cox for Salt Lake County Council District 2