Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Survey on Behalf of Black Lives Matter Utah

I received your survey and have tried to return it several times. It obviously assumes what I believe fits it the little dots, which is pretty limiting, is not always true and it is not helpful in being transparent.

If you will send a survey back without that limitation, I will be able to send it on.
In the mean time a few related statements:

Since 2009 I have lost track of how many protests I have been to. I was at one on February 8 and May 2.

[I was invited to speak at both].

I led the 2019 Utah Tax Referendum as the original sponsor. [1 of 5]. We got 170,000 signatures and the legislature and governor backed off.

I have no issue with protests. I disagree with the violence and property damage that happened a few [weeks] ago. There is no excuse for that. That is wrong.
The reason for the protests is valid. Too many people die because they are treated wrongly by those that should care.

I have worked with police officers in the past who are wonderful. Others are not. I do not know what some racism feels like but do know what prejudice feels like. I have been with others who were afraid because of racism.

We need more people to associate with others of different backgrounds, whether a different race or not. We can learn to care about others and that can help.

The government should be color blind and treat everyone fairly.

I am not sure reducing the Salt Lake County Sheriff budget by 6 million right now is a good idea. They need better and more trained officers not less.

When You reduce a police budget and then when crime goes up raise it back again, we get newer less experienced officers which can be a larger problem.

I joined a group recently to help fight racism.U-CARe. (United Coalition Against Racism)

Their statement for the group has this:
All people on the color wheel are invited to join us to fight racism and stereotyping through positive community events where people of all racial heritage meet, interact, find commonalities and unite against racism. We especially encourage inviting local law enforcement and their families to be part of the group.

Citizen or Civilian Review Boards are a good idea and should not be discouraged. My city (West Valley City) already has a Professional Standards Review Board (Citizens' Review Board) and more are needed.

We need better and more trained officers. The annual neighborhood watch parties when you can talk to the local police in a park helps create relationships.

The legislature has passed good laws for the use of body cameras. There has to be some protection of the person and the inside of their house, etc. from showing up on the 6pm news. These laws do need to be even better and I would support that.

Understanding how to deal with mental health issues in a non violent manor is key. New funding to provide for others, besides the police to help is needed.

I fought moving the prison from Draper, which would have saved $ Hundreds of Millions. We need a prison and some of the blocks in Draper needed to be replaced as they were not safe for anyone and did not help prisoners from coming back. I was a volunteer with my wife at the Draper prison for 2 years. We need more of that.

We need to remember that both the individual being stopped or arrested and the police officer have constitutional rights and should be treated fairly.

Fred C. Cox for Salt Lake County Council District 2.

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