Saturday, June 6, 2020

Question regarding protests about civil rights issues

On Wednesday I had received this email.

"Hi, I am reaching out to you and your opponent ... because I am concerned with how politicians listen and prioritize the civil rights issues we face in our country. I think it is important that politicians do what they can to fight systemic racism that has hurt people of color for years. What is your position on these protests? Thanks."

My Response:

Since 2009 I have lost track of how many protests I have been to. I was at one on February 8 and May 2.

[I was invited to speak at both].

I led the 2019 Utah Tax Referendum as the original sponsor. [1 of 5]. We got 170,000 signatures and the legislature and governor backed off.

I have no issue with protests. I disagree with the violence and property damage that happened a few days ago. There is no excuse for that. That is wrong.
The reason for the protests is valid. Too many people die because they are treated wrongly by those that should care.

I have worked with police officers in the past who are wonderful. Others are not. I do not know what some racism feels like but do know what prejudice feels like. I have been with others who were afraid because of racism.

We need more people to associate with others of different backgrounds, whether a different race or not. We can learn to care about others and that can help.

The government should be color blind and treat everyone fairly.
I am not sure reducing the sheriff budget by 6 million right now is a good idea. They need better and more trained officers not less.

I am meeting with the FOP this week. I will have more ideas after that meeting. Thank you for reaching out

Fred C. Cox

His response to my response was: "Thank you. Your response has earned my vote."